6 Things to Know About Private Jet Maintenance

Routinely scheduled aircraft maintenance is crucial for maintaining an aircraft’s airworthiness. In the case of cars, maintenance is optional, but in the case of private jets, every jet has its specific maintenance timeline. Private jet maintenance and the inspections necessary must be completed within this timeline. 

These inspections are outlined by several governing groups including the FAA, aircraft manufacturer, and Maintenance Review Board. These governing groups are responsible for ensuring that the implementation of maintenance standards is carried out for overall aircraft safety. If the required aircraft maintenance is not in place, an airplane is “grounded” legally (unable to fly).  

Performing private jet maintenance is not as simple as getting your car to a mechanic. There are several factors that need to be considered for private aircraft maintenance. If you are one of the private jet owners, following are some of the things you need to know about private jet maintenance 

Things to Know About Private Jet Maintenance

1. Who Regulates Private Aircraft Maintenance?  

Private jets, like all aircraft maintenance, must comply with the high standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These two governing bodies prepared the Safety Oversight Manual (SOR), which determines that the airworthiness of an aircraft meets standards irrespective of the location of its operation. The state in which an airplane is registered validates airworthiness of the aircraft by issuing certification.  

2. When does a Private Aircraft Require Inspection?  

The state of aircraft registry requires periodic inspections to be performed to determine the aircraft’s continued airworthiness. The frequencies of inspections are determined by the state, but they still must comply with the SOR. Inspection times can be once every 100 flight hours or once every 12 months.   

3. What should be the Frequency of Maintenance?  

The frequency of private jet maintenance requirements varies for all airplanes. According to the SOR, preventive maintenance should be carried out on airplanes flying 25 hours or less. At 100 flight hours, minor maintenance should be carried out. Aircraft maintenance frequency depends on several factors like aircraft age, storage facilities, climate change, and operation.  

4. Certification and Regulation of Mechanics

Mechanics performing maintenance of aircraft are regulated by the state in which they work through standards defined by the ICAO and FAA. Mechanics are required to be certified in repair and maintenance. The equipment and tools, which are tested and approved, can only be used by certified mechanics. While performing aircraft servicing, mechanics are required to strictly follow the maintenance manual of the manufacturer.   

5. Keeping Records Properly

Records of repair and maintenance are the sole proof aircraft operators and jet owners have, to show airworthiness. Records are legally required for the appliances, propeller, engine, and airframe. The things that must be there are a description of the job, the completion date, FAA certificate type, the signature of a certified mechanic, and signature of the individual who approves the airworthiness of the aircraft.   

6. The Place of Private Jet Maintenance and Repairs Matter  

Some maintenance works on a private aircraft can be carried out anywhere you land. The state in which you have registered your private jet may have different hourly or annual requirements which require all the mechanical work to be carried out in the state of register. Irrespective of where you get your private jet maintenance performed, it must be done by a qualified and certified mechanic who utilizes approved equipment and work station as well as records everything.  


Over the lifetime of a private jet, several maintenance jobs will be performed on it ranging from thorough overhauls to light checks. With a reliable aircraft maintenance services provider by their side, jet owners can experience the highest degree of aircraft safety, value, and service. 

Boca Aircraft Maintenance is a reputed aircraft maintenance company based in Florida, which offers expert private jet maintenance services owing to their highly experienced technicians and dedicated facility. Reach out to us with your private plane maintenance requirements. Call us today!

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