How to Choose the Best In-Cabin Upgrades for a Luxurious Flight Experience

If you own a plane for personal travel, you would want a great flight experience. These days, even a small Beechcraft or Cessna plane can have awesome custom designed cabins and IFE systems. However, in-cabin upgrades for larger business jets and chartered luxury planes is a different ballgame. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to what an Aviation company and install in your plane!

Of course, there is a matter of how big your aircraft is. This will also determine the power available for IFE Systems and interior designing elements.

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC is among the oldest, and most recognized Aviation Company in South Florida. Their Opa Locka hangar recently added a new service range for custom designed cabins and flight decks. They already have one of the largest aviation engineering workshops, along with a complete painting and aircraft body workshop for private jets and helicopters. Popularly acknowledged as BAM, they are by scale one of the biggest avionics and aircraft engineering firms in Florida.

However, with this new line of luxury in-cabin upgrades and installations; they have entered a very exclusive club. Clients spend hundreds of thousands on their flight experience. Although, there are also great music systems, furnishing features, and lighting designs for smaller business airplanes.
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