How to Choose the Best In-Cabin Upgrades for a Luxurious Flight Experience

If you own a plane for personal travel, you would want a great flight experience. These days, even a small Beechcraft or Cessna plane can have awesome custom designed cabins and IFE systems. However, in-cabin upgrades for larger business jets and chartered luxury planes is a different ballgame. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to what an Aviation company and install in your plane!

Of course, there is a matter of how big your aircraft is. This will also determine the power available for IFE Systems and interior designing elements.

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC is among the oldest, and most recognized Aviation Company in South Florida. Their Opa Locka hangar recently added a new service range for custom designed cabins and flight decks. They already have one of the largest aviation engineering workshops, along with a complete painting and aircraft body workshop for private jets and helicopters. Popularly acknowledged as BAM, they are by scale one of the biggest avionics and aircraft engineering firms in Florida.

However, with this new line of luxury in-cabin upgrades and installations; they have entered a very exclusive club. Clients spend hundreds of thousands on their flight experience. Although, there are also great music systems, furnishing features, and lighting designs for smaller business airplanes.

The Fundamental Features of Proper In-Cabin Upgrades

Adding even the smallest weight to your aircraft will affect the aerodynamics. If your aviation company does not follow the math behind an installation, even simple IFE systems could tilt your jet in flight.

People pay for custom designed cabins and expensive aircraft entertainment systems for a luxurious flight experience. However, in aviation, even entertainment must be calculated to the fractions!

At BAM, the aviation engineers will first inspect your plane’s internal wiring structure by sectionally removing the outer and inner panels. If you are an older customer, the BAM engineers already have a detailed map of your avionics and wiring.

Next, the engineering team will test the current balance of the aircraft and test for aerodynamic errors. Only after such extensive calculations will the crew be able to balance out any custom designed cabins. Each part is installed to perfectly balance the weight of other avionics components or wiring.

Even a mild weight difference can disrupt the flight, especially when it comes to wind resistance. If your Aviation company isn’t very accurate with the aerodynamic calculations, your plane would feel more turbulence. What use are expensive in-cabin upgrades if your flight is rough and bumpy?

These days, you have a wide range of IFE systems, furnishing elements, and luxury installations to choose from. The choices range from simple refrigerator and satellite television to digital mood lighting and the latest in-flight Audio/Video. However, all in-cabin upgrades must be calculated according to the actual weight of the components, and how they should be placed within your airplane. Even the wiring for a complete luxury flight experience design can cause a weight differential.

The Most Important Features of Custom Designed Cabins

Apart from the balance issues, there are also a few other factors to consider before installing IFE systems and cabin appliances.

An aircraft engine is noisy, and an in-flight sound system must be backed up by sound proofing. The wiring is complicated and requires adjustments. Hence, your flight experience must be designed very carefully. Here are some of the most important features of well-designed flight cabins –

The Important Avionics Come Before Flight Experience

All your flight navigation equipment and essential avionics come first. You can’t compromise on flight safety for flight experience! However, custom designed cabins and avionics will draw power from the same power system in your plane. This is a very critical element of in-cabin upgrades.

Your aviation company must calculate the exact power out your aircraft can support and select a compatible entertainment and lighting set-up. Smaller aircraft can’t support some of the larger IFE installations. However, specialist companies like Innov8, Rockwell Collins, and FDA have the latest modular aircraft music systems and OLED screens.

Wiring Design for In-Cabin Upgrades

The design of your aircraft is extremely economical. There is a hardly any extra space to add extra wiring or components. However, creating a luxurious flight experience may require several different audio/visual systems. Hence, even the simplest control panels for the IFE systems must be planned.

Avionics engineers at Boca Aircraft Maintenance will first map out the best wiring design. If necessary, some of your old wiring will be re-routed and/or replaced with higher capacity, but thinner wiring. Once this has been mapped out on a computer model, the engineers are start installing the components.

Sound Proofing Custom Designed Cabins

As we mentioned before, your aircraft engine will be quite loud. This is further enhanced by the silence and thin air high above the ground and ambient noise. Thus, your aviation company must completely soundproof the cabin space before installing any entertainment system.

Hence, installing in-cabin upgrades and creating that luxurious flight experience requires a lot of calculation and craftsmanship. At BAM, the engineers use special acoustic matting and high-density rubber sealing to guarantee that your in-flight sound system has the best acoustic layout.

For all kind of in-cabin upgrades, you can contact Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC. They are also the only aviation company in Florida certified to deal in refurbished IFE systems and avionics. Call for a quote on or check out their website here.

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