Mandatory Avionics Upgrade to Fly in US Airspace – ADS-B (Out)

It will be mandatory for your aircraft to have an ADS-B (Out) installation to fly anywhere within US airspace from 2020 onwards. Have you upgraded your flying machine yet?

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Time’s Running Out! Bring your Aircraft in for an Upgrade Immediately!

The FAA’s 2020 deadline for ADS-B (Out) upgrades stands fast; and every registered aircraft owner in the US should have received the memo for installing this mandatory equipment.

If you are yet to upgrade your aircraft with ADS-B, it’s time for you to take action immediately. As one of the leading aircraft maintenance firms in the US; Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC guarantees prompt ADS-B installation services by the most experienced avionics engineering crew in Florida.

Avionics Integration

Integration with SATCOM system, install upgrades with iridium, Ka-band systems.

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC has the most experienced and dedicated avionics engineering team in Florida. Our thorough inspection and diagnosis procedures before installing ADS-B (Out) will reveal any faulty wiring or malfunctioning avionics components immediately!

Time Efficient Installation Process

We have two and a half shifts of dedicated install teams working each week.

Only the best aviation experts can perform time efficient installations and testing of the ADS-B (Out) equipment. BAM is the only aviation company in Florida with a talented avionics team to guarantee flawless ADS-B installation services within such a limited time frame.

Further Upgrades with ADS-B (In)

Improve Your Flight Navigation Capabilities with ADS-B (In)

At BAM, we provide maintenance for some of the best equipped aircraft in the US. Our experts suggest you install ADS-B (In) unit along with the mandatory ADS-B (Out) components to improve navigation. Give your pilot the latest digital tools for error-free flight navigation.

The BAM Difference

We are proud to proclaim that we have the following distinctions:

  • Over 10 years of commitment to excellence in aviation services
  • Multiple distinction certificates of service capabilities
  • Compliance certifications from Europe, South America, and Bermuda
  • On-site tooling and equipment for aircraft maintenance
  • Large inventory of aircraft parts on site
  • Safety management system in place for continuous in house training
  • Partnerships with Garmin, Rockwell Collins, FDS, and Many More…
  • We service over 25 aircraft power plants on our capabilities list

We have recently even added aircraft interior makeover solutions to our roster of body work services. After all, your aircraft should look perfect inside and out! From the latest IFE systems and cockpit enhancements to elegant seats and cabin lighting solutions – we will design the perfect cabin space for you to fly in luxury and class.

When you soar to the skies, do it in style and flair! We're always there to make your airplane look awesome. Fly into the BAM hangar with your old aircraft and lift off in a flying machine that looks fresh out of the factory.

Need to Know More? Read More About ADS-B installation and the FAA Mandate Below

The ADS-B (Out) Has Simplified Air Traffic Control

If you own any kind of aircraft in the US, you should know that the FAA has put out a mandate for upgrading your avionics. By 1st January, 2020, all aircraft flying over US airspace have to have active ADS-B (Out) installed. This will usher in the new era of automated aviation ground control and flight safety compared to the obsolete RADAR surveillance and congested VHF radio bandwidths.

A New Age of Automated Avionics

The term ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast. This generation of flight navigation system automatically communicates with satellites and ATC ground installations during flight. It will continuously relay pre-set data to the responsible ATC regarding its position, flight metrics, and environmental situation. This is the new age of avionics which does not require active participation by the pilot, but still allows for vital communication and data collection.

Benefit from Installing Both ADS-B (Out) & (In)

While ADS-B (Out) is mandatory for all US aircraft; ADS-B (In) provides a wider range of add-on services. The ADS-B (In) services include receiving FIS-B and TIS-B data, as well as direct links with nearby aircraft also having active (In) functions. Also, ADS-B (In) equipment have all mandatory ADS-B (Out) features. Many of BAM’s clients have installed ADS-B (In/Out) combined units and are very satisfied by the service, and the convenient flight management interface.

Satcom Links Available for CPDLC

There are two different Satcom service providers available for your CPDLC satellite uplink. These are the Iridium or Inmarsat services. Iridium is a more economical satcom solution and covers the necessary uplink bandwidth to support CPDLC. Inmarsat however, allows for premium services, and can support the additional load of CPDLC services as well. But the cheaper Iridium service has a faster signal bounce-rate using the network from low orbiting satellites.

The Current ADS-B (Out) Installation Deadline and Challenges

The FAA announced the mandate for upgrading your aircraft avionics in 2010. By 2014, the first phase ADS-B ground installations were already complete in Florida, and tests were underway. By 2015, the first-generation ADS-B systems were already available for installation in private aircraft. It takes about a week to complete the installation and testing process on a single plane.

This time frame puts immense pressure on aviation companies like BAM who must install these equipment in all US registered aircraft by 2020. However, with so many aircraft in the US, there is a huge rush as the deadline date draws closer. You should already be enlisted for these mandatory upgrades.

Does ADS-B Make My Aircraft Safer?

ADS-B (Out) features not only makes your aircraft safer in-flight, but also helps keep other aircraft in the vicinity safe in congested traffic zones. The ADS-B (Out) systems of all planes within a certain vicinity communicate with each other and provide a proximity warning. The ATC can then re-direct the flight paths or altitudes as they deem safe and necessary in the situation.

ADS-B (Out) for Improved Safety

There are several companies manufacturing ADS-B (Out) systems in the US. However, under FAA regulations, the base price of these components are highly subsidized. Unlike other expensive avionics components like RNAV, RNP, or luxury IFE systems, ADS-B (Out) installations are affordable to all aircraft owners.

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC is a direct distribution partner for several leading ADS-B manufacturers like: Garmin, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins, and Universal Avionics.


Globally Accepted Flight Navigation Systems

Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) are the mandated technology for Oceanic airspace over the Pacific and Atlantic routes. Eventually, FANS-1/A+ will be implemented over land routes as well.

ADS-B is the mandatory standard for flight over European mainland airspace as of 2017. ADS-B (Out) will be mandatory for US airspace by 2020.

The common feature of these flight navigation equipment is that they communicate via satellite data. This is the current status of global flight navigation equipment standards, and your aircraft should be adequately equipped to fly all international routes.

These SATCOM systems are gradually replacing the older flight navigation systems based on VHF and HF com-links, which are restricted in many ways.

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