The Evolution of Flight Navigation Technology – FANS-1/A+

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC has the best avionics engineering team in the Florida. We provide installation and upgrade services for the latest FANS-1/A+ compliant flight management systems needed for international flight permits.

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Future Air Navigation System or FANS-1/A+ is the Gold Standard in Flight Management Technology

Identify the Most Effective Flight Routes and Save Big on Fuel Costs

A Globally Accepted Standard of Digital Flight Navigation Equipment

Continuous Real-Time Updates on Weather Conditions and ATC Instructions


Airspace over USA, South America, and Europe is steadily getting more crowded. The latest FANS-1/A+ installation can help your aircraft safely and efficiently navigate even the most congested airspaces. Give your aircraft an avionics upgrade, and your pilots the latest flight navigation technology.

As Florida’s best airplane maintenance company; Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC has the most proficient team of avionics engineers and technicians to install, test, or update your FANS-1/A+ equipment.


Avionics Integration

Integration with SATCOM system, install upgrades with iridium, Ka-band systems.

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC has the most experienced and dedicated avionics engineering team in Florida. Our thorough inspection and diagnosis procedures before installing ADS-B (Out) will reveal any faulty wiring or malfunctioning avionics components immediately!

International Approval Certificates

International Aircraft Trust Us with Their FANS-1/A+ Installation & Upgrades

As the leading aircraft maintenance company in Florida, our avionics engineering team is the best in the industry. At Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC; each FANS-1/A+ project starts with a full diagnostic report of your airplane's wiring and avionics components.
Venezuela & Aruba

The BAM Difference

We are proud to proclaim that we have the following distinctions:

  • Over 10 years of commitment to excellence in aviation services
  • Multiple distinction certificates of service capabilities
  • Compliance certifications from Europe, South America, and Bermuda
  • On-site tooling and equipment for aircraft maintenance
  • Large inventory of aircraft parts on site
  • Safety management system in place for continuous in house training
  • Partnerships with Garmin, Rockwell Collins, FDS, and Many More…
  • We service over 25 aircraft power plants on our capabilities list

We have recently even added aircraft interior makeover solutions to our roster of body work services. After all, your aircraft should look perfect inside and out! From the latest IFE systems and cockpit enhancements to elegant seats and cabin lighting solutions – we will design the perfect cabin space for you to fly in luxury and class.

When you soar to the skies, do it in style and flair! We're always there to make your airplane look awesome. Fly into the BAM hangar with your old aircraft and lift off in a flying machine that looks fresh out of the factory.

Read More About Our FANS-1/A+ Installation & Upgrade Services Below

Future Air Navigation Systems – FANS-1/A+

Currently hailed as the global standard in flight navigation and communication systems, FANS was conceptualized in the 1980s. By the 1990s, the first-generation FANS-1 navigation systems were made operational in Boeing 747-400s. Today, FANS-1/A+ can help pilots and ATCs identify the safest, and most economical flight paths using state-of-the-art satellite technology.

FANS-1/A+: Widely Used Aviation Technology

Today, FANS-1/A+ is the most widely used navigation and communication technology for aircraft. Almost all passenger and cargo airplanes in the world uses FANS-1/A+ to communicate with Ground Control. FANS-1/A+ is traditionally coupled with CPDLC and SATCOM systems.

FANS-1/A+ Will Now Cover Continental Airspaces

Soon aircrafts will be given preferential flight clearance with the CPDLC system. The FAA says, "Best equipped, best served." The new EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ and ATN B1 versions allow seamless VHF communication from USA across NAT Tracks and continental Europe. The FANS-1/A+ ancillary services also add new features for the pilot and ATC to determine the safest and shortest flight routes.

The Advantage of FANS Technology

FANS technology has greatly improved air navigation and flight safety compared to a RADAR-based system. Any RADAR station has a very limited range. It was very difficult to navigate vast oceanic stretches without an aircraft that could read the airspace accurately. This was why the Future Air Navigation papers and technology were needed and developed. It was decided that each aircraft needs to be independently able to map their surrounding airspace and avoid collision or bad weather using satellite based data and on-board sensors.

FANS-1/A+ gives the ATC automated information based on satellite data. VHF Radio communication was the standard way for pilots to communicate with the ATC before FANS technology. Now, FANS-1/A+ allows pilots and the ATC can communicate better. They can verify the readings from the sensors at two points of control. Thus, the new system is an overall improvement on the comprehensive way we manage flight navigation, communication, and safety.

What is the Latest FANS-1/A+ Update?

FANS-1/A+ is primarily an oceanic system, though it is gradually being adopted over land routes as well. The ATN B1 update is the latest version of FANS which will be the mandate over European airspace by February, 2020. Since a lot of our clients fly on NAT Track routes, BAM is among the few aviation companies in Flordia who have successfully implemented and tested ATN B1 updates.

What is the Basic Mandatory FANS Update for my Plane?

If you fly internationally, we suggest you install the Universal Avionics Unilink UL-801 CMU software that complies with the new European Mandate for February 2020. It is compatible with EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ and ATN B1 to provide seamless VHF communications from US across Trans-Atlantic routes, as well as continental Europe. Our service package also includes the AFMS (Airplane Flight Manual Supplement) associated with the new Link 2000+, ATN B1 mandate.


FANS Ancillary Services

Apart from the dual commlinks and CPDLC messages for positioning, FANS-1/A+ also has certain ancillary services. The Aerodrome Flight Information Service or AFIS helps the pilot identify nearby air traffic. While ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) allows the pilot and the ATC to communicate via automated messages regarding important factors like flight plans, weather information, and equipment health.

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC has the certifications, engineering expertise, and the workshop facilities to provide you flawless aviation updates and installations within the shortest timelines.

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