Another Life for Your Aircraft – Weatherproof, Sleek, and Elegant

Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC can give your wings a new lease of life with our aviation painting and body services. Give your aircraft that gleaming weatherproof makeover it needs.

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Do you See Corrosion or Blisters on or Under your Aircraft Paint?

Do You See the Old Paint Peeling from Your Aircraft?

Do you Feel your Aircraft Should Present Better?

It’s time to give your aircraft that body makeover it needs. After a complete paint job and body service from BAM, your aircraft will look and feel like you just bought yourself fresh wings.

As Florida’s most trusted aircraft maintenance company, we guarantee to give your aircraft that perfect glamorous sleekness you want. Give your plane a fresh start with a BAM Difference!

It's All in the Prep!

Our team will inspect, remove, and repair imperfections prior to primer and paint work.

At Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC; All control surfaces are stripped, painted, and balanced in our custom parts spray booth. As the very best aircraft maintenance company in Florida, we pride ourselves on the experience and expertise of our engineering team.

Systematic Painting Process

We use the latest tested products from PPG in our modern, state-of-the-art custom paint facility.

Our paint environment is a triple filtered, dust-free space. We inspect and ensure we don't miss the slightest corrosion or blisters on your flying machine. Our keen-eyed technicians and aviation engineers follow a systematic painting process that leaves your aircraft glossy and clean.

Long-Term Protection

Special epoxies are applied for a perfect, gleaming, finishing coat that is done to last for years to come.

At BAM, we only use the latest eco-friendly corrosion-proof primers and weatherproof epoxies. As Florida’s most reputed aircraft maintenance company, it is important for us to ensure that each paint job lasts for years. We ensure that your plane will look perfect for years.

The BAM Difference

We are proud to proclaim that we have the following distinctions:

  • Over 10 years of commitment to excellence in aviation services
  • Multiple distinction certificates of service capabilities
  • Compliance certifications from Europe, South America, and Bermuda
  • On-site tooling and equipment for aircraft maintenance
  • Large inventory of aircraft parts on site
  • Safety management system in place for continuous in house training
  • Partnerships with Garmin, Rockwell Collins, FDS, and Many More…
  • We service over 25 aircraft power plants on our capabilities list

We have recently even added aircraft interior makeover solutions to our roster of body work services. After all, your aircraft should look perfect inside and out! From the latest IFE systems and cockpit enhancements to elegant seats and cabin lighting solutions – we will design the perfect cabin space for you to fly in luxury and class.

When you soar to the skies, do it in style and flair! We're always there to make your airplane look awesome. Fly into the BAM hangar with your old aircraft and lift off in a flying machine that looks fresh out of the factory.

Read More About Our Aviation Painting Services Below

Aircraft Painting Magic for Your Flying Machine

Fly in an aircraft that has that smooth, sharp visage to impress anyone. Our expert technicians and maintenance personnel give your aircraft the paint-job and finishing it deserves as a symbol of your class and status. Let our team of designers and body work experts revive your plane’s glamour inside and out. From advanced weather-proof paint, to the latest luxury cabin designs – BAM has it all!

Evaluation Before We Start Aircraft Painting

At Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC every operation starts with a thorough and careful inspection. Our aviation maintenance experts study every inch of your aircraft for wind-friction damage, ruptured seams, or weakened panels. We call this our 330-point checklist painting. This also helps us give our clients a realistic estimation for painting and body work costs! At this stage, we also inspect all minor repairs, while listing out any severely damaged sections that need to be replaced.

Our Systematic Aircraft Painting Procedures

We start the painting process with an environmentally safe methylene chloride wash for your flying machine. This removes the joint rusting and oxidation stains, while peeling the weakened old coat. Then, out expert designers begin to help you select from the various color schemes and design aspects you may want on your aircraft. BAM is among the only aviation maintenance companies in Florida which can custom paint your aircraft with special weather-coated finishing.

Exclusive Aircraft Cabin & Cockpit Revival Solutions

Apart from external painting and polishing, our services also include custom designing your plane’s cabin and cockpit interiors. We can design your cabin for luxury travel, business purposes, or simple economic aesthetics according to your budget. Our thorough interior paint job and furnishing will entirely change your flight experience. Also consider installing an IFE system, better seats with genuine leather covers, or amazing cockpit installations for more pilot comfort.

How We Create that Smooth Glossy Finish

After stripping the paint, we clean the surfaces with various multiple washes. Then we inspect for surface imperfections, prior to the alodine treatment. A qualified A & P technician will inspect the aircraft skin before the primer and paint are applied. This helps defend against corrosion and helps bond the primer to the aluminum surface.

The Most Advanced Aircraft Painting Methods

Once your aircraft has been treated with Alodine, we offer clients a second coat of special primer that few other service providers have. The latest micro-spray applicators are used to coat your aircraft multiple times with layers of corrosion resistant epoxy, and paint according to your selected color schemes. We also do designer paint-jobs like logos, commissioned art-work, and other types of body customization.

Can I used Refurbished Avionics and Body Parts on My Aircraft?

Yes! We also have salvage and refurbishment operations within our hangers at Boca Raton and Opa Locka, FL. Thus, BAM is among the few aviation maintenance companies in Florida authorized to refurbish and ground-test avionics, engine parts, and body sections. You can easily reuse a restored wing panel, landing gear, or restored engine parts. Our expert aviation engineers can find compatible used parts which can still be used safely for several months and several hundred flight hours.


Cleaning, Polishing, Magical Finishing

BAM has one the largest aviation engineering teams in Florida. The magical finishing and polish we give each aircraft are the cornerstone of our painting and body work operations. At Boca Aircraft Maintenance, LLC, we use the latest eco-friendly corrosion resistant primers and epoxies.

We also combine detailed hand work like sanding and fine dent repair alongside machines for scraping, painting, and polishing. This is how we guarantee the perfect maintenance finishing for your aircraft, leaving it gleaming with renewed brilliance. You can also contact us for long-term regular cleaning and polishing services at our special hanger facilities.


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