Why Your Aircraft Needs a New Coat of Paint and Regular Aviation Bodywork

Your aircraft is a precision machine. It is much more complicated than an automobile, boat, or a locomotive. Airplanes also face a lot more weather damage than most other types of vehicles. Hence, regular aviation bodywork and aircraft paint jobs are extremely important. However, an end-to-end airplane evaluation should also be a part of the agenda.

Without a reliable aviation company for annual body check-up and repairs, your machine will start developing faults. These may be minor faults to begin with, but they soon pile up. Eventually, your airplane will start showing major issues. The best aircraft maintenance companies like BAM suggest that your aircraft should get at least two check-ups a year.

The Most Important Features of Aviation Bodywork

There are some salient features of proper aviation body work. Aircraft paint jobs or engine servicing may seem to be separate tasks. However, an aviation company that follows protocol will always work through a system. All aircraft maintenance companies have their own methodology. Boca Aircraft Maintenance offers you a sneak peek at the aviation maintenance system they follow –

Aircraft Maintenance Companies Should start with Diagnosis

An end-to-end evaluation and inspection of your airplane should be the first task. If the same aviation company always does your maintenance work, they already have a clear idea of your machine. However, a new company should do a complete diagnosis before starting aviation bodywork.

Boca Aircraft Maintenance starts these tasks with a complete exterior physical inspection. You should not do aircraft paintjobs on any dented or rusting surfaces. Initially these weak spots will be hidden by the paint. However, the weakened sections on your plane are risky. Hence, it is important to finish all minor dent and rust damage before commencing aircraft paint jobs.

Even if you don’t want to completely strip your plane for detailed aircraft maintenance, the inspection is critical. Experienced aircraft engineers will selectively strip the weakened panels for changes or repairs. However, without the diagnosis, no painting or bodywork can be thorough.

Your Aviation Company Should Follow a Checklist

Being a team of engineers and technicians, aircraft maintenance companies should always follow a checklist. At Boca Aircraft Maintenance, we follow a 330-point checklist for any standard aircraft paintjob. Some custom painting projects require even more check-points!

However, it doesn’t matter how many points there are on the checklist. What matters is how inclusive this list is. It should be a detailed checklist that includes all aspects of work that may be required. If you need aviation bodywork, the checklist should account for everything from the nose to the tail. For an aircraft paint job, the checklist should include the different stages of painting from stripping to finishing.

Certificates, Permissions, and Guarantees

A critical aspect of hiring any aircraft maintenance companies should be their validation. The world of aviation is very strict about proper certificates and approvals. While most aircraft owners in the US identify the FAA, it is not the only aviation authority body. Though a company does not need a specific certificate for aircraft paint jobs; they need valid credentials for any kind of bodywork or mechanical repairs.

Your aircraft will most probably be flying on international routes. If your aircraft has been serviced by an FAA certified aviation company, it should be safe for any airspace. However, another airspace monitoring authority like EASA (Europe) may find flaws in your aircraft. Hence it is best to find a service provider who has been certified by various aviation authorities. Bigger aviation companies like BAM have multiple international affiliations and would clarify any doubts as your service provider.

BAM’s Credentials

At Boca Aircraft Maintenance, we have over 20 different certificates and approvals. This lets our engineering team provide aviation bodywork for aircraft from Europe, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and Bermuda. However, even if your aircraft company only has an FAA certificate, make sure that it is up to date! Also, do enquire whether their staff undergo regular industry training like ours do.

Even the smallest aviation company providing aviation bodywork and aircraft paint jobs must have the right equipment. If they don’t have the right tools, even the best engineers cannot provide proper aviation maintenance for your plane.

Aircraft Maintenance Companies that Provide Proper Aviation Bodywork

Though there are several companies providing aircraft paint jobs and bodywork, you should always select a company you can trust. You must feel confident about the aviation company and their services when you’re miles above the ground.

The selection process depends entirely on you. However, these simple pointers will help you make the right choice –

Choose aircraft repair companies with multiple hangars. They won’t make you wait for service.

Clients should get discounts after their first aircraft paint jobs. Work out a good deal.

Find a company associated with leading brands from the aviation industry.

Always check their previous work and search for personal references where possible.

Aviation bodywork and engine repairs usually go together. Verify their engineering capabilities.

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